How Can I Make Sure I Get SWANA Emails?

Missed a recent issue of I Am SWANA News or Safety First newsletters? While we strive to ensure that our members get relevant information in an exclusive, timely, and convenient manner, sometimes our communications don't get into your email box reliably. Here are some things you can do, as a SWANA member, to ensure that our communication gets to you.

  1. Add SWANA email addresses to your Address Book. This will tell your email application that these addresses are trusted: and In most cases, you can add us simply by right-clicking on our address in your email program.
  2. Check your SPAM folder. SWANA tracks our emails by embedding an invisible one-pixel image into your email message once it is sent. If your email application has a very strict SPAM filter that block images or link tracking, emails might get sent straight to your junk mail folder. Tagging SWANA emails as "not junk" will help make sure future emails are not filtered.
  3. Contact your IT team to check your email server. Send your administrator the subject line from the email, the From address, and the date and timestamp when the email was delivered. Please contact the SWANA Web Services Manager for more assistance.
  4. Add SWANA sending addresses to your email server's "allowlist". SWANA can work with your IT team to add our sending IP addresses to the allowlist on your email server. This will tell your company's email system to trust emails coming from SWANA. Please have your IT team contact the SWANA Web Services Manager to obtain a list of our sending IP addresses.
  5. Ensure that you only get the emails you want from SWANA. You can control which types of messages you receive by clicking Manage Preferences in the footer of most SWANA emails. Please note that some emails are transactional, which means they are responses to action to you take (or need to take) as a SWANA member. Because SWANA has a responsibility to transact business with our membership, these emails do not have an "unsubscribe" link (however, a "contact us" link is always provided in our transactional emails for you unsubscribe from these emails if you do not—or no longer transact with SWANA).